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Empower your business with better data

Retail Toolkit is the only business intelligence platform made specifically for independent local bike shops. Easy to use data visualization and performance management features can make your business more efficient and effective.

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Essential in cost management

"80% of every dollar we sell goes towards inventory or payroll. Retail Toolkit is essential to making sure we are managing those costs wisely."


Noel Kegel

Wheel and Sprocket

Helps us save thousands

"Retail Toolkit is a powerful product and one of our primary technology tools. We saved about $30,000 in payroll the first year we started using the staffing feature."

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Tim Krone


How we run a better business

"Retail Toolkit empowers our managers to run better businesses because sales forecasts are well-informed and they have tools to coach their teams to achieve goals on a daily basis."

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Joseph Du Bois

Trek Bicycle Stores Florida

Data-driven decision making


Instant Insight

Get real-time updates in a thoughtfully designed, easy-to-use dashboard for a complete view of store performance at a glance.


Easy Reporting

Easily identify successes and opportunities across your business, and share those insights with your team to celebrate and coach.


Seamless Integration

Effortlessly sync data with point-of-sale, and turn those insights into action with integrated traffic, inventory, scheduling, and marketing.


Forecast and analyze sales

Easy to configure planning and reporting to grow and manage your business.

  • Dashboard with real-time store performance
  • Visualize sales and conversion metrics
  • Use data to identify successes and opportunities
  • Goal-setting to coach sales teams
  • Calculates and tracks actionable metrics
  • Category sales reporting highlights trends
  • Drill down for item level insights
  • Schedule sales report emails to key staff
  • Multiple ways to configure and adjust sales goals

Inventory management system

Maximize profit through better purchasing and inventory management.

  • Open to buy planning to increase turns
  • Easy-to-understand quantity-on-hand (QOH) reports
  • Inventory reports automatically sent to your inbox 
  • Up-to-the-minute data for better-informed strategies
  • Algorithmic category-level min/max purchasing guidance 
  • Analyze purchase orders and view incoming PO’s in inventory totals
  • Inventory balancing for multi-store retailers
  • Aged inventory visibility
  • Avoid stock shortages and overages
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Measure customer foot traffic

Get easy, constant access to foot traffic trends for all of your locations.

  • Foot traffic analytics to run a better business
  • Wireless battery-operated sensor you can install yourself
  • Machine learning enhances accuracy on every door
  • Seamless integration with point of sale system
  • Actionable insights into conversion rates
  • Takes the guesswork out of planning schedules

Scheduling and payroll management

Plan staffing according to sales and traffic data to keep costs under control.

  • Build schedules in minutes with an intuitive user interface
  • Reduce over-scheduling to control labor costs
  • Utilize integrated sales and traffic data to plan customer service needs
  • Segment staff into departments for precise scheduling guidance
  • Easily track overtime, PTO, and time clock errors
  • Create commission plans to drive sales and motivate staff
  • Build and share schedules with staff electronically
  • Export hours worked to your payroll system
  • Unique multi-store functionality

Profitable growth at your fingertips

These reporting and management tools use real-time data and advanced business logic to drive profitable decisions for many leading bike shops.

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Every Performance Package includes:

  • Sales performance tracking
  • Inventory management 
  • Foot traffic analysis 
  • Schedule and payroll management
  • Unlimited support
  • No contracts

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