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Turn your casual shoppers into loyal fans with automated emails and customer rewards program tools. Communicate more effectively with your customers and win more sales by leveraging the power of data and technology.

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Increased value for us and our customers

"Customers see more value and relevance in the data-driven emails they get from us. We see higher open rates and better ROI with Retail Toolkit's automated emails than standard email campaigns."

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Ray Kennedy

David's World

Builds loyal customers

"We’ve used the rewards program for years to incentivize customers to spend more with us. We have more influence over average customer value and our marketing is more effective."


Michael Reuter

American Cycle and Fitness

Compete for every sale

Shoppers have more choices on where and how they spend their money than ever. Bike shops live in a world of constant competition within the cycling industry and with each customer's other hobbies. When you engage with your customers in a compelling way then you can improve loyalty and increase annual spending. Leveraging data and technology makes it easy.


Automated email marketing

Personalized data-driven marketing increases engagement and drives sales.

  • Email campaigns automated from your POS data
  • Purchase-driven personalization for higher engagement
  • Configure multiple email tracks and segments
  • Tailor tracks based on specific product or category purchases
  • Customize theme and style
  • Easy to use design and configuration tools
  • Scalable technology for any size audience
  • Multi-store functionality
  • Pair with marketing services for even better results

Customer rewards program

Points-based digital rewards programs to encourage more frequent purchasing.

  • Configure rewards, achievements, and tiers
  • Real-time updates from point of sale
  • Web-based app works on iOS and Android
  • Customer portal to check points and offers
  • Customize theme and style
  • Mobile push notifications
  • Reporting and analytics

Technology programs to help you grow

These customer loyalty tools use real-time data and automations to improve customer engagement and create more sales opportunities for your business.
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Every Loyalty Package includes:

  • Automated email capabilities
  • Customizable rewards program
  • Unlimited support 
  • No contracts

Enriches Our In-Store Experience

"We worked with SmartEtailing to develop a completely unique website that embodies Landry's brand and provides an online customer experience that supports and enriches our in-store experience. Updated inventory availability is as important online as it is in-store. Our product catalog makes the transition for customers seamless, no matter how they choose to shop with us."

Tom Henry

Tom Henry

Landry's Bicycles

Landry's Bicycles

Growing Our Multi-Channel Business

“We’ve been working for years to grow our multi-channel business. SmartEtailing is an essential partner because we’re able to outsource software development and content production costs. With our new responsive website we are confident that we can achieve our growth objectives.”

Ken Martin

Ken Martin

Mike's Bikes

Mike's Bikes

Amazing Results

“I get far better results (both gross dollars and return on investment) from my website than any other advertising medium. During our selling season, for every dollar ($1.00) we spent on our SmartEtailing website, we generated $108.70 of verifiable in-store sales. These are sales made to people that brought a printed coupon or product page from our website into the store. These website-driven sales accounted for 6.1% of our total sales volume. As amazing as these results are, I can only wonder how many more website-related sales we made to people that didn't bring in a printout.”

Kozy's Cyclery

Ron Kozy

Kozy's Cyclery

Kozy's Cyclery

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