How to grow your online sales

At SmartEtailing, we want to help you convert your website visitors into buyers. Modern retail involves reducing friction for shoppers and you can count on us as a proactive partner helping you navigate these retail changes.

We expect that the majority of your sales over time will happen within your physical store, but as a part of future-proofing your business, we encourage you to set targets to grow your online sales to 5% of your total revenue.

This guide is created to offer you a practical playbook for generating sales from your SmartEtailing website. If you have questions about any of the content or strategies shared here please contact Client Success for a personalized consultation.

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Optimize Website Settings

With the right settings, much of your website will be automated and the consumer shopping experience is configured for success.


  1. Connect local inventory with POS Sync
  2. Select and enable Supplier Sync for key distributors (Fulfillment if applicable)
  3. Select brands to display from suppliers on your website
  4. Enable SmartEtailing Payments to collect online payments

  5. Set up in-state shipping for Click+Collect (set store transfer time if applicable)
  6. Set free shipping for orders over $50
  7. Import “Policies and Shipping” and “Privacy Policy” pre-built pages, add links to footer
  8. Configure recommended website settings
  9. Turn on shopping cart

Merchandise Your Home Page

Encourage customers to interact with your product catalog and regularly update to give repeat customers a reason to come back.


  1. Implement concise navigation with “Shop prominently displayed
  2. Remove or consolidate non-essential and out-of-date content
  3. Promote “Free In-Store Pickup” and “Free Shipping”
  4. Add seasonally relevant product content and link to catalog item(s)
  5. Create carousels for specific product groups or categories
  6. Highlight discounted/closeout products (in-stock or at warehouse)
  7. Add clear call-to-action links to each section
  8. Regularly update and re-merchandise
  9. Always preview on a mobile device
  10. Choose a SmartEtailing Marketing Package if you don’t have time or expertise

Market Your Website

Drive traffic to your site by advertising the convenience and expanded selection of online shopping on your website.


  1. Display Click+Collect signs in-store
  2. Collect emails from in-store shoppers at checkout
  3. Train employees to talk about selection and convenience of your website
  4. Research product features and special orders with customers using your website 
  5. Use website to check stock status at additional locations
  6. Send two marketing emails each month with links to relevant catalog page
  7. Configure and maintain Google My Business listing
  8. Include website product links in your social media posts
  9. Advertise on Facebook
  10. Advertise on Google

Customer Service and Order Management

Turn online buyers into lifelong customers with a seamless order process and excellent customer service.


  1. Assign trusted employee to manage orders
  2. Monitor your inbox regularly for incoming orders
  3. Implement order review process (fraud, sizing, availability, etc)
  4. Communicate with customers during order process
  5. Ready orders for pickup or shipping based on website’s time expectations
  6. Have designated place in each store for consistent Click+Collect pickup process
  7. Train staff on Click+Collect process
  8. Establish Click+Collect security procedure (check ID and credit card at pickup) 
  9. Train staff to suggestion sell during Click+Collect order pickup