Giant Weblink

Start Getting Referrals Right Away!

SmartEtailing and Giant have partnered to connect local Giant retailer on-hand inventory with the Giant website. Participation in the Weblink program is FREE for authorized Giant retailers! Simply sign-up for your FREE Buy Local Now account and opt in to allow Giant to access your inventory information. Giant uses the inventory data provided by this program to refer shoppers on Giant’s website to your local store. Additionally, Giant uses inventory reporting to support their retailer commission payments for purchases made by consumers directly on Giant’s website. This is a very important and FREE tool for Giant retailers. Sign-up today to start receiving the benefits.

Aleady a SmartEtailng Client? No need to fill out this form. If you have questions about how to participate please contact support and we will show you how to make the connection.


How Does Where To Buy Work?

1. Where To Buy button appears on product pages on Giant's website.

2. Consumers click and instantly see real-time local availability.

3. Consumers go to local store or click to buy now.

Giant Weblink