Sell More Bikes With Google + SmartEtailing

Connect for Google Local Inventory Listings 

Free Google product listings

Have you ever wondered why bikes that REI advertises on Google have the little “In Store” bubble next to them? That’s Google’s local inventory feed at work - and you can do that. Visit our Help Center to learn how.


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Searches for Shopping "near me" have grown 300%


Product catalog

Our industry-leading ecommerce catalog. Your website’s ultra-fast and SEO-optimized product detail pages are structured to help you get in front of shoppers on Google.


Connected inventory

Connect supplier warehouses to your website. You can sell more without stocking more. We are connected with over 40 warehouses from the biggest suppliers in the industry. We help you compete online.


Google feed

Google makes it easy to create a local products inventory feed for free local product listings. SmartEtailing and Google don’t charge additional fees to list your products.

Getting started is free

Follow the steps in our Help Center for your free listings to appear in the Google Shopping tab. Customers will quickly see your inventory alongside national brands and retailers, leading to more click and collect orders, increased foot traffic, and improved SEO. The Google local listing feed is included in every SmartEtailing website subscription package. You can do all of this yourself at no additional cost.

Gain a powerful marketing tool

  • Attract local customers to your brick and mortar store
  • Show customers what’s available in your store
  • Get in front of new customers faster
  • Helpful “In store” icon appears on your shopping listings
  • Automatically list products on Google Shopping, Business Profile, and Maps

Digital marketing made easy 

If you want a faster and easier path to results, our Search Engine Marketing team is here to help. We can set up your Google local inventory feed for a one-time $500 fee. Subscribe to our Google Ads management service to appear on page one of search results. Our team delivers sales that more than offset the costs of having professionals manage your ads for you.