User Accounts and Permissions

Control which members of your organization can access certain areas of your Site Manager.

When your website is first created, you're provided with a Website Administrator account that has full access to all areas of your website. User Accounts allow the administrator to add additional users with various levels of website permissions based on the user's job.

Adding New Users

In your Site Manager, go to Accounts > User Account. Click the Add User button to get started.

  • Fill in a user name, email address, and first and last name for the user
  • Click Save Changes.
  • Assign the user permissions in order for them to log in and make changes. See below for more information about assigning permissions.
  • An email is automatically sent to the new user with login instructions and a temporary password.

Note: Once created, a username cannot be changed. If an existing user would like a different username, delete the original account and add a new one with the new username.

Assigning Website Permissions

A user's administrative permissions can be assigned individually or they can be assigned via User Groups.

Individual Permissions
The administrator can grant user permissions by selection or by exception.

  • Permission by selection will give the user permission to access only the utilities that are selected.
  • Permission by exception will grant that user permission to access all of the utilities except the ones that are selected.

User Groups: Web Admin

Examples of Website Admin User Groups you could create include Content Manager, Order Processing, or Webmaster.

  • Create the Group by going to User Accounts: Web Admin and click Add Group. 
  • Assign users to those groups.
    • Go to User Accounts and edit a user.
    • Click on the "All" tab in the User Group Assignments window and select the group that you would like to assign to the user you are editing.

User Groups: Private Pages

Private Page User Groups allow you to set aside groups of password-protected pages that are accessible to a defined group of users.

  • The process to create a group and assign users is similar to the process described for Website Admin User Groups, but takes place under User Accounts > User Groups: Private Pages. 

Resetting Passwords

  • Users may reset their own password or obtain a forgotten username by simply clicking on the Forgot Your Username or Password links located underneath the login screen.
  • Administrators may also reset the password for the user, by logging in to the site manager and editing the user. Select the Reset Password checkbox and submit changes.

User Accounts: Best Practices

When creating user accounts, take into account these important considerations:

  • Each user should use their own login account (no shared login IDs).
  • Individual users should never share their website password with others.
  • Update your store's policies and procedures to remove website access when employment is terminated.

If your user name contains a space, like "john doe" as opposed to "johndoe," you will have issues with certain portions of the site manager. Simply create a new user account without the space in the username and everything will work correctly.