Add A New User

Add an employee or contractor to your Retail Toolkit account, and set permissions and security access

In the app, navigate to the Users page, located under the gears icon, and select + Add New User.

Add the employee's information, and if you'd like to set a password for them, enter it into the relevant fields. If you'd like to allow them to choose their own password, click the checkbox to "Notify user of new account". This will send them an email with a link to set up their own password.

Next, assign the user a Role. This will determine access to the areas of RTK that are appropriate for their position. Each Role's access can be customized under Permissions.

Then, assign the new user location access.

  • "Control" allows the user to control the selected location or module.
  • "View" allows the user to see, but not control, the selected location or module.
  • "No Access" restricts the user from viewing or controlling the selected location or module.

After all of the parameters have been set up, click "Save" and an email will notify the new user.

Use this screen to disable a user's access.

Learn more about Users, Roles, and Permissions.