Entering Your Store Information

This information is used in the Store Locator page and in the header on your website. Store location details are also referenced in Buy Local Now.

To access store information in the Site Manager go to: Display > Store Information

Step One: Enter store name, logo, inquiries and hours

  1. Enter in store name
  2. Upload a logo, one that's more horizontal will look better on most templates. Clean and simple (no phone number or small print) will help it look good across devices. Remember that more than half your site visitors are looking at your site from their phone.
  3. Enter general inquiries phone and email  
  4. You can leave the General Inquiries set to "NO FORM SELECTED". You also have the option of directing general inquires to a form that you create. 
  5. Enter in store hoursStore Information

Step Two: Fill out the store location sections

  1. To add a Store Location, click Add Location and fill in the appropriate information.
  2. The Neighborhood Descriptor can be the city in which the store is located, the shopping center or the street intersection. Use words that can readily identify the area.
  3. If each location has different hours, post the hours for this location here.
  4. Click Submit Changes and repeat this process for each additional store location.
  5. The Neighborhood Descriptor will display in the Header, and the detailed information about each store location will display on the Contact Us page.
    Store Location(s)

Step Three: Configure Header Display Settings 

  1. Select which information you would like displayed in the header by checking the boxes.

  2. Reset cache and see how it looks on the site. 

Header Display Settings