Store Location Information

Add a new location or edit existing location information for Loyalty and Performance.

It is important to have up-to-date location information, so each location's POS can be connected, traffic measured, and inventory and staff managed correctly.

Add a Location

  • Log in to the Dashboard, click the gear icon and choose Locations.
  • Click the +Add New Location button.
    • Enter the location name.
    • Add an optional two-letter code that can help you identify the location at a glance.
    • Check the box next to "Active".
    • Add the remaining information, including the location's email address and phone number.
    • Check the modules you'd like to enable for this location.
      • A warehouse, for example, won't need Traffic or Automation (Marketing), but it will most likely need Inventory tools like OTB and Vendor Performance.
  • Click Save.

  • If using Ascend POS, download and connect the Ascend Agent.
  • If using Lightspeed POS, be sure the appropriate location from your Lightspeed is chosen in the Data Sources section for the new location.

Change Location Order

If you have multiple locations the order can be adjusted.

  • Click the gear icon and choose Locations.
  • Click the Change Location Sort Order button.
  • Change the order as needed.
  • Click Save.

For additional assistance or questions, feel free to contact us.