Add Images to Emails

Images are a great way to enrich the content of an email, communicate your brand more clearly, and create an engaging design.

Locate where in your email you'd like an image to appear, and click Add Block on the block above it, or insert the photo into an existing block.

Note: The hero image placeholder is 1200 pixels wide by 600 pixels high, and while this size, and the 2:1 ratio, are recommended for emails, you're not required to upload an image of this size or shape. Other sizes and ratios should render correctly inside the container, however, the maximum file size is 1MB to prevent delivery issues.

  • A placeholder image will appear in your email design. Click the placeholder to highlight it, and a small window with icons will appear. Click the first icon, the one that looks like two arrows, labeled "Replace".

  • Add an image one of three ways:

    • Upload a new image from your computer by dragging and dropping it into the "Drop Image" field. Click this field to open your computer's file browser.

    • Paste an image URL to import, such as an image that already exists on your website. This will pull the image into your library, not simply hot-link it into the email.

    • Add a previously uploaded or imported image by clicking the folder icon to search your image library.

  • Once loaded, check your image's size and shape and correct if needed.
  • Verify the image's responsiveness by selecting a mobile, tablet, or desktop icon under Views to preview, or send a test email to check for possible layout errors on different devices.

Note: You cannot upload a video to display in an email. You can add a link to a video on another platform.