Adding Pages to Your Website

Page content helps drive traffic to your website and helps customers engage, interact, and find products. We’ll show you how to add or create new pages so you can quickly build a cohesive, product-focused website.

If you want to learn more about building or editing a new page, read Building Pages

If you want to learn more about global page settings, read Page Settings

Create New Pages

  • In the site manager navigate to Content > Page Editor
  • Select the button to Add Page
  • Select the page type you’d like to create, a Responsive Page will work in most instances
  • For more on how to build a responsive page, read this guide

Import and Display Pre-Built Pages

Add exciting and relevant content to your website by importing pre-built pages created by our Marketing Team. New pages are added monthly, so be sure to check this area regularly for content relevant to your shop.

  • Under Content > Page Editor, select the Page Library tab

  • Click category folders to expand and view pages, or search for relevant keywords

  • Preview pages by clicking the blue magnifying glass, or import pages to Your Pages by clicking the yellow import icon

  • Choose a folder for the page, and select the checkbox to set it as active

Organizing Pages in Page Editor

Create a folder structure within Content > Page Editor to easily find and edit content on your site.

  • Create folders that match your navigation structure exactly, as well as an Archive folder, for easy access.
  • Organize your active pages into those folders and add any extraneous pages to the Archive, or simply delete them.
  • As you import pages from the library, take care to organize them correctly so anyone working on the site can easily locate them.

Promote Pages on Your Homepage 

Link your pages to Homepage Content Blocks to drive traffic and help customers engage with your website.

  • Under Content > Page Editor, select the Your Pages tab and find the page you just imported
  • Click the green pencil icon to the left of the page title to open the page edit screen
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to view instructions to add the matching Homepage Content Block to your homepage

Adding Pages to Your Site Navigation

  • For a page to display in your website menu (the Navigator) you must add it to your navigation using the Navigator Builder, which you will find in Content > Navigator Builder