Alternative Page Types

Learn about the other page types available in Page Editor.

Responsive Pages are recommended for almost all applications, but these other page types may help you achieve the look and feel you're aiming for.

Hyperlink to External Page

This page type links to a blog or other web page seamlessly.

  • Always make sure your external page opens in a new pop-up window, so your main site stays open.

POS Specials

This page displays anything that is marked as on sale or on closeout in your POS system.

  • If the item is sync'd to a library item, it's purchasable like any other items on your site.
  • It will also display the stocking locations of the item.

Event Page

This page displays events in a compact format.

  • Allows for greater information to be displayed about an event than a calendar page.

Image Page

Create an entire page with photos of staff, used bikes for sale, or event photos.

  • When a photo is clicked on, it enlarges the photo for a better view.

PDF Page

Create a page that displays a PDF, like a race course, or event flyer.

  • This allows you to put it in your navigation bar.
    • You could also simply upload the PDF to File Admin and then use the Hyperlink to External page to accomplish something similar.
    • Note that the maximum file size is 250kb, be sure to reduce the size as much as you can before uploading. 

Advanced Page

A legacy page that preceded the Responsive pages.

  • Create sections and use the WYSIWYG editor in each section to style it as you want to.
    • You can convert existing Advanced pages to Responsive in Page Editor, as long as there's no inline JavaScript on the page. 
    • Use a Responsive page instead if you're creating new pages.