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Ascend POS Integration

Integrate Ascend with your website for inventory uploads and order exports.

Ascend now uploads a file to SmartEtailing every 2 hours from 8am to 6pm Pacific Time, in addition to your nightly upload. This upload only updates inventory information for items that are already mapped.

Set Up

Inventory Upload

  • From the main screen, click Options in the top navigation bar.
  • Select "eCommerce Export" 
  • Enter posftp.smartetailing.com in the address bar, and fill in the User and Password from the POS FTP email.

  • Select the appropriate status for your location.
    • None: Select this option if this location does not upload to an eCommerce website. Data from this location is not included in any manual OR automatic uploads.
    • Single-Site: Select this option if this location is part of multi-store chain, but uploads to its own, individual eCommerce website.
    • Multi-Site: Select this option if this location is part of multi-store chain and all stores in the chain upload data to a single eCommerce website.

  • Click Apply to save changes.
  • Repeat for every location if you selected the multi-site option. 

Order Export

  • From the Options window select "eCommerce Import"
  • Check the box Turn On eCommerce Sales Import
  • Make sure API Version 2.0 is active in Orders > Export Settings
  • Copy the first two and last URLs from Export Settings and paste them sequentially into each URL box
  • Click Apply to save changes
  • Note: To keep the Ascend integration functioning smoothly we recommend generating new URLs in Site Manager and updating in Ascend semi-annually. 

Exported orders appear as Layaways. You will have to convert them to sales.


MPNs and UPCs

  • When adding items in Ascend, add the UPC/GTIN to the UPC field in Ascend
  • If a UPC is not available, add the MPN to Manufacturer's Part Number in Ascend

Putting Items on Sale

  • To get sale pricing to show up on your website, you must create a Sales Promotion in Ascend. Here's how to manage sales promotions.

Double Selling Products

  • Process all online orders as soon as possible (within 15-30 minutes of receiving them) to ensure that when your next upload occurs, you don't reset inventory levels for sold items. 

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