Reflects all of the brands in your catalog. On the front end, display those brands in your store catalog or through Supplier Sync.

Use the Add Brand function to add unique brands that are not found in SmartEtailing's library.

Tip: Add your own store brand to create custom items like gift cards, jerseys, socks, etc. 

Brand Settings and Policies

  • Settings found in SmartEtailing are based upon the brand's policies.
    • Many brands allow their products to be purchased online, but shipping is not permitted.  
  • You may have a relationship with a particular brand that allows you to override the default brand policy, in which case you can choose to override SmartEtailing's settings and apply your own settings.
  • If you have more than one location and only sell a brand at some of your locations, edit the brand and uncheck the non-participating location(s).

  • NoteIt is your responsibility to know the policies of the brands you are selling on your website. Deviating from a brand's policy may put you in violation of your dealer agreement.
    • SmartEtailing works closely with manufacturers and strives to keep the default brand settings up to date. Please contact us if you believe that a default setting is incorrect.

Managing Fulfillment Options

  • Brand Fulfillment Options may be applied to all or just select categories.
    • A particular brand allows you to ship parts and accessories but not bicycles.
    • Modify your settings to disable shipping on all bike categories as shown below.