Buy Local Now

Set up your free inventory sharing account with key brand partners.

  • Login to your Buy Local Now account using the credentials you received at signup. If you are unable to locate your credentials, contact support.
  • Update your contact information, at Accounts > Contact Information so we know who to get a hold of for account decisions.
  • Go to Accounts > Store Information to confirm/add your store location(s), so customers know where you are and how to contact you when they find you on a partner website
  • Go to POS Sync > Settings and set up POS Sync to send your point of sale system inventory to your Buy Local Now account. This will display your inventory as 'In Stock' on and brand partner sites.
    • See our Integrations page for how to set up POS Sync on your specific POS system.
  • Add or update your Dealer Numbers and Locations IDs under Supplier/Brands > Supplier Accounts.
  • Activate vendors in Supplier Sync and modify exclusion settings to make sure you appear on participating brand product locators as 'In Warehouse' for items you do not actively stock that the brand or Supplier does have.