Campaigns FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the Loyalty email marketing tool, Campaigns.

Can I use Campaigns to replace my current email marketing service?

Yes, however, there are some slight differences in how Campaigns works.

  • Campaigns emails customers that are present in your point-of-sale system
  • You cannot upload lists of addresses you'd like to email.
  • Target emails specific to prior purchases
    • Those that have previously purchased a particular product or service from you. 

Will emails I make be formatted properly for all devices – desktop, tablets, and mobile?

The email design templates, along with all of the provided design content blocks, utilize responsive design. These emails automatically scale and adapt to look great on any device.

How can I receive a test email sample?

Preview an email design with live customer data by clicking the "Preview" button on the email design page, or click "Send Test Email" to send a preview to whomever you'd like.

What is the difference between the Transactional mail group and others?

By law, any emails that are directly related to a purchase, such as a receipt and thank you messages, are not required to include an unsubscribe option or adhere to unsubscribe preferences.

Conversely, any marketing messages that are promotional in nature and not related to a transaction must adhere to unsubscribe preferences and include an unsubscribe link.

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Can I place a coupon code in emails?

Yes! The best way is to generate a barcode image for your coupon code using a barcode generator and then placing the barcode image in your email.

How do I make an image stretch the full width of the email?

To make an image in the “Hero” content slot stretch the full width of the email and automatically adjust to different devices:

  • Click on the placeholder image
  • Select to replace the image from the tool pop-up.
  • Select the replacement image and place it.
  • On the inserted image, click to resize the image and enter “100%” in the width field.
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Can I upload my own fully custom email HTML in place of the RTK framework?

No. Currently, to help ensure your emails are well-formed and consistently responsive, we do not offer the ability to override the entire email format. However, a significant degree of customization can be applied by using the HTML editing mode within the email editor.