Setting Canadian Tax Rates

Where to set rates for shipped and picked up orders, and differences between the two.

Note: We are not tax professionals, and any questions asked of us about taxes or tax rates, our answers cannot be construed as legal advice. Always consult a tax professional for how to properly collect sales tax for your business. We can merely help you implement their advice. The Canada Revenue Agency website may also be of help.

Set Up

There are three places in your Site Manager where you can set tax rates.

  • For in-store pickups, you can set the tax rates individually for each location you have under Store Information.
    • Additionally, you can set a sales tax override for each location in your pick-up shipping method.
    • When setting each rate, make sure your PST and GST/HST are correct for each location.
  • For orders shipping, you will set a provincial tax rate for any applicable provinces under Commerce > Sales Tax.
    • Click the green pencil next to any province.
    • Fill in the appropriate PST and GST/HST.
    • Tax shipping as necessary, or required by each province.
    • Save Changes.


Orders going to other provinces aren't getting taxed

  • Have you checked to make sure you should be collecting sales tax in that province?
    • If you should be, check under Commerce > Sales Tax to make sure you've got the right tax rate for that province.

Orders getting picked up in-store aren't getting taxed at the local rate

  • Does each store location have the correct tax rates in Store information?
    • Go to Display > Store Information > Store Location(s) to edit each one.
  • Does your pickup shipping method have the correct Sales Tax Overrides in place for each location that you have?
    • Go to Commerce > Shipping Methods > Pickup In-Store to make sure the tax rates are entered correctly.