Edit Existing Catalog Items

Edit items that you've imported to add details or personalize them to your shop.

Note: These tools are only available to Professional website packages.

  • Updates to catalog items are instantly visible on your website.
    • If you're making detailed changes, we recommend you temporarily deactivate the item before updating.
  • To make a copy of an item, choose "Featured Display" from the "Display Type" menu and click "Display".
    • The Copy icon will become available in the "Actions" column.

Edit Items From the List View

There are several different Display Types to choose from.
  • Pricing Display: View or modify regular price, sale price, sale start/end dates, closeout flag.
  • Featured Display: The most common function in this view is the COPY icon. You can also edit things like gender and the "Feature Items" attribute.
  • Shipping Display: Edit weight, dimensions, shipping modes and restrictions, and additional freight charges.
  • Delete Display: Delete multiple items at once.
  • Category Display: Add items to an additional category or change the primary category. Items must belong to at least one category but may display in multiple categories.

Create Feature Items

Increase traffic to certain items by creating a curated catalog carousel.

  • Add items to Featured carousels easily by using the Featured Display, then using normal search refinement parameters.

Edit Item Details

Different tabs highlight varying aspects of the product's details. 

  • General: Edit item information including display in catalog, display as a featured item, gender and item description.
  • Variations: Control what details you can edit on the Prices/Stock tab and the Fulfillment/Shipping Tab.
    • Most items in your catalog will either have No Variations (think one size fits all) or SKU Matrix Variations (i.e. colors, sizes).
    • It is also possible to have complex item listings as Non-SKU Variations (i.e. kits or packages).
  • Prices/Stock: Edit pricing, tax settings, and stock-keeping numbers including your SKU, GTIN (UPCs & EANs), and Manufacturer Part Numbers (MPN).
    • You may also edit Balance On Hand (BOH) and Balance On Order (BOO).
    • The easiest view for this tab is "All," so you can edit everything at once.
    • Note: BOH and BOO fields are typically updated from your POS via SmartEtailing's optional POS Sync integration functions.
  • Fulfillment/Shipping: Some settings in this tab like whether an item is permitted to be shipped or picked up in the store are managed at the brand level.
    • Override brand settings for individual items on this tab.
  • Images/Videos: Add images or videos that describe your product.
    • Images may be assigned to the entire product or to specific product variations (usually color).
    • It is also possible to assign images to the specific SKU (i.e. Color & Style).
  • Features: Include additional benefits or information that does not fit in the main description. 
  • Specs: Edit product specifications (usually bikes).
  • Related Items: Set up links to other items or categories your customer may want to consider while viewing the current item.