Comprehensive Site Settings Recommendations

Optimize your site for the best results with e-commerce, work your way through this best practices list.

Follow these steps to get your shopping cart on and other settings ready.

Display Manager

Store Information  > Store Hours

  • Set specific hours, per location if applicable


Order Notices

  • Enter email address for confirmation emails (what your customer receives)
  • Enter email addresses for the people on your staff who should be notified when an order is placed.


Stock Status Management

  • Activate = Yes

  • Rules/Labels:

    • Rule #1: Show: Yes | Purchase: Yes | Label: In Store

    • Rule #2: Show: Yes | Purchase: No | Label: Out of Stock (call for details)

    • Rule #3: Show: Yes | Purchase: No | Label: On Order (call for details)

    • Rule #4: Show: Yes | Purchase: No | Label: Call for Availability

    • Rule #5: Show: Yes | Purchase: Yes | Label: Call for Availability

    • Rule #6: Show: Yes | Purchase: Yes | Label: At Warehouse

  • Out of Stock Message: Out of Stock

Payment Methods

Sales Tax

  • Input sales tax rate for every state/province you have nexus in.

    • If you need to understand nexus, please talk to a tax professional.

Shipping Methods

  • Ground Shipping

    • Start with $50 free shipping threshold, re-set later if you aren't seeing the return.

  • Pickup

    • Name: “Pick Up in Store”

    • Active: Yes

    • Method: Pickup

    • Ship to Store Message: 

      • Set Supplier Sync shipping times to maximum time it would take to get from each supplier warehouse to the location farthest away from that warehouse

      • Set store-to-store transfer time to maximum time it would take to get product from one of the two most distant locations to the other

    • Shipping charges: Shipping charges should always be zero

Catalog Settings

  • Shopping Cart: Display products with prices  and with shopping cart

  • Edit Shopping Cart Message: Blank

  • Edit Order Confirmation Message: Thank you for placing an order with us
  • Robot Control = Allow


Ensure all store-branded and custom items are imported and displaying appropriately.

POS Sync

Setup POS Sync

Supplier / Brand

Supplier Sync

  • Check all Suppliers that you work with.

  • Set Supplier Preference.

    • If you prefer to order from QBP, put them at the top of the list, and so on.
  • Ship From Labels: name each warehouse and set Shipping Time.

  • Custom Prices: Yes

  • POS Sync Pricing Integration: Yes

  • Supplier Promotions: Select Suppliers to participate in their promotions automatically

Supplier Fulfillment


Home Page

  • Update your homepage with relevant content for your area and your store.

Navigator Builder

  • Keep your navigation as clean as possible, we suggest something like this:
    • Shop | Services | Community | About | Closeouts