Connect Retail Toolkit to Ascend POS

Set up the integration between Retail Toolkit and your Ascend point of sale. 

Important! Before you begin, please make sure you have:

  • Physical or remote access to the computer running the Ascend POS server software for each store location
  • Admin privileges to the server computer at each store location
  • Your Ascend database user and password

*Your database credentials are different from your Ascend application login. Can't find your Ascend database user and password? Contact Ascend help at or 1 (877) 875-8663, Option 1.

Retail Toolkit’s integration setup with Ascend uses your local designated server for each store location. RTK’s ability to stay connected is dependent on the local server’s connection to your network, and your network’s connection to the internet.

When the Agent software experiences an interruption, it will attempt to reconnect on its own, but on occasion, it may require the retailer and/or RTK to intervene. Instructions to restore a disconnected server can be found here.

The Ascend Agent

Retail Toolkit connects to your Ascend POS database with a small service on your Windows Ascend server called an "Agent". Please ensure your server is always on and continuously running Ascend's software to prevent data issues in RTK.

The Agent's connection is two-fold: first, it requires access to your Ascend database. It accesses the Ascend database using the login credentials in the Agent's Database User and Database Password fields.

The second connection it requires is to our cloud server.

An Agent should be installed locally on the Ascend server at each of your store locations, so these steps will need to be followed at each location.

Install the Ascend Agent

  • Log into your store's Ascend server using an Administrator account.
  • Open a web browser and visit the following link to download the Agent Installer: (You may need to log in to Retail Toolkit first.)
  • Create or find the location you'd like to connect. If creating a new location, uncheck the "Active" box until the connection is complete. This ensures the data for the rest of your locations can still be compiled into a "Whole Store" view.
  • Click Edit next to the location for which you'd like to install the agent.
  • On the location's edit page, click Edit beside the default data source. If none exists, click Add Data Source.

  • Without editing the settings, click next on the New Data Source screen. You should see a page with a new Agent ID and an Agent Key. Do not click Save yet.

  • Download the latest version of the Agent installer here.
  • Follow the prompts in Windows to install and run the Agent program.
  • Copy and paste the ID and Key from the page into the corresponding fields in the Agent Configuration Manager.
  • Click Create on the New Data Source screen.
  • Back in the Agent, enter and verify that the Database Host, Database Name, Database User, and Database Password are correct for your Ascend database. You can test these settings by clicking Test Database Connection.

  • Once the connection to the database is successful, click "Start/Restart Agent"
  • If needed, repeat the above installation steps for the Ascend server at each of your locations.
  • Once the steps above are completed, notify Client Success and we'll verify the connections. 

Note: Once fully connected, it may take up to 24 hours to import all of your Ascend data and display it in Retail Toolkit.

Restore the Ascend Agent Connection

Is Ascend failing to connect? Follow these instructions to restore Ascend Agent connectivity.

On rare occasions, the Retail Toolkit Ascend Agent may fail to connect and update data to your Retail Toolkit application. If restarting the Agent using the Retail Toolkit configuration application does not resolve the issue, you can manually restart the Agent service to restore connectivity.

Steps to Restore Agent Connectivity

  1. Open Agent Configuration App on the Ascend server (Start -> All Programs -> Retail Toolkit Agent -> Agent Configuration)
  2. Click Start/Restart Agent button
  3. Verify connection has been restored

Note: Once you have restored the connection, refresh your Sales Reports and your OTB Report.