Category Sales

Run a category specific sales report to see each locations sales broken down by category and sub-category.

New Report

  • In Retail Toolkit, go to:  Sales > Category Sales > New Report.
  • Select the appropriate criteria followed by pressing the "Create" button for a new report to be built.
  • To view sales for particular brands, use the Filter Brands checkbox before pressing the Create button.
  • Within the report, the criteria used for the report can be adjusted by making the appropriate selections at the top of the report followed by pressing the "Update" button.
  • Individual columns can be toggled on or off by checking / unchecking the appropriate boxes, the report will automatically update.
  • The Actions drop-down can be used to download, save or delete (if viewing a previously saved report) the report.
  • Numbers displayed within the report are all clickable, click on them to get a pop-up window that shows a breakdown of the individual items.
  • Categories populate as they are setup within your Point of Sale (POS), if the categories were recently updated in your POS then they may need to be re-imported.
  • COGS = Cost of Goods Sold
  • QOH = Quantity on Hand

Saved Report

  • In Retail Toolkit, go to:  Sales > Category Sales > Saved Reports.
  • If a previously built report was saved using the Actions drop-down within the report then this section can be utilized to re-visit any saved report at anytime.
  • Click on the "Show" button on the far right hand side to open the respective report.