Create a Category Sales Report

View and compare detailed category sales data by date range, store location, or brand.

In Retail Toolkit, navigate to Sales > Category Sales > New Report, and follow these steps:

  • Select a date range type, sales basis, and the relevant dates for your report.
  • Then select the locations you wish to view or click "Whole Company" for the entire business.
  • Select to show all of the locations consolidated into one report, or displayed separately.
  • To view sales for particular brands, filter a detailed look.
  • Click Create.
  • When the report loads, you can choose which columns are visible using the checkboxes across the top of the page.
  • If needed, group results by Location or Metric.
  • To view a different time frame, simply change the dates at the top and click Update.
  • You may export and download the report as a spreadsheet to be viewed in Excel, or save the report to be more easily accessed later using the Actions dropdown. Give it a custom name and recall at any time by navigating to Sales->Category Sales->Saved Reports in the sidebar menu.