Create a Customer Segment

How to create a new segment using customer performance criteria

Building segments in advance is a great shortcut to creating campaigns in less time and allows you to compare customer performance between types of customers. This can help narrow down a sales strategy that targets your best customers while turning lower-performing customer groups into fans that visit more often. Let’s look at how to create a segment.

  • To build a new segment, or view existing ones, navigate to Customers -> Segments in the left sidebar.
  • Across the top of the page, we’ve created quick links to popular segments that can be built automatically, or you can build a new one from scratch.
  • Clicking a pre-made segment template takes you to the segment creation screen where you can modify or add to the conditions to suit your needs. 
  • Once you’ve set the criteria, you can click “Search” to pull up all customers that meet the criteria right now. Here you can see if the customers that would be included in the segment match the conditions you intended. If they don’t, make the necessary changes to the criteria and click “Update” to get a new list. 
  • Once you’re satisfied with the segment as created, click “Save Segment” and give your new segment a name.
  • The new segment will now be available in the segment list, where you’ll find the segment’s performance metrics as well as links to instantly create a campaign, duplicate the segment to create a variation of it, or delete it from the list. Deleting the segment does not delete any customer records.