Create a Special Offer Campaign

Run promotions for program members to move inventory and reward loyalty.

To make your promotions even more appealing to loyal customers, you can create Special Offer Campaigns with additional multipliers for specific date ranges and/or categories.

  • Navigate to Customers -> Rewards -> Offer Campaigns
  • Click Create New Offer Campaign.
  • Add the campaign's name, description, date range the campaign is active, and check the boxes next to the tiers that will be able to take advantage of this promotion.
  • Enter the points multiplier for the special campaign. This number will multiple the default campaign. For example, if a customer earns 10 points per $1 spent by default, putting a "2" as the multiplier will award them 20 points per dollar.
  • Target the relevant categories with the desired points multipliers
  • Set a goal for sales during this campaign to help determine the campaign's success.
  • Click Save.

On the start date, the campaign will become active, and end on the end date. During the campaign period, you can monitor its success on the Dashboard.