Adding Custom Payment Methods

Accept Gift Cards or Other Forms of Payment Online

While we do not yet directly integrate with any gift card services, we do give you the ability to still collect those payments, or other forms of payment, such as financing cards, through your website.

Set Up

  • If you want to accept gift cards online, add that method under Commerce  > Payment Methods.
    • Fill in a name for the method, such as "Gift Card, Call with Information," then click the Add button.
    • The system will not ask your customer for any other information so be sure to provide any special instructions in your Shopping Cart Message.

A Note About Data Security

  • Under no circumstances should you collect sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, through custom payment methods.
    • It is a massive data risk to have customers input credit card (or even gift card) information into the comments section on an order.
    • Direct your customers to call the store with a gift card or other payment information.