Customers Lookup

Find a customer record in Loyalty for details on transactions and customer metrics.

The Lookup feature makes finding details about a particular customer’s activity easy along with the ability to sort the customer list by various criteria.

  • In the Dashboard, go to Customers > Lookup.
  • Customers will be listed along with various data points.  Click on a column title to sort the customer list by that specific metric.
  • Enter a customers name in the search field to search for a specific customer.
  • "ATV" is Average Transaction Value.
  • The "Export" button can be used to download the customer list into an excel spreadsheet.
  • Press the "View Profile" button to view the customer details including a list of transactions.
    • In the View Profile section the "+ New Transaction" button can be used to manually add a transaction / adjust points for that customer.
    • The "Import Transactions" button can be used to sync the customer record in Loyalty with the Point of Sale to pull in new transactions for that customer.

For more information on the Customer Profile please visit this Help Center Article.