The Customer Profile Page

Set goals and prioritize your customer performance metrics to design a scoring system that measures what you care about most.

Customers > Lookup  Locate a customer on the Lookup page and click “View Profile” to see that customer’s data, including scoring and transaction history to help inform you of that customer’s performance and the value they’ve brought to your store.

Customer Dashboard

Across the top of the page, you’ll see key details about the customer, including contact info, their first purchase date, total spend, and points balance.

Next, you’ll see the Customer Dashboard, which displays the customer’s performance score, and performance across three metrics: Purchase Frequency, Units per Transaction, and Average Purchase Price. Their performance is measured against the goals you’ve customized in settings. Learn more about customizing your scoring here.

Timeline View

Clicking the toggle in the top right reveals the customer timeline view, which displays these metrics in a chronological view.


When a customer signs up for Rewards that will also appear on this screen along with the date they signed up for rewards. 

  • Rewards points typically appear within 30 minutes, but can take as long as overnight.
  • If you are not seeing your customers points after 24 hours, please contact us.

Viewing Customer Purchases

Below the dashboard, you’ll find the list of purchases. Find the relevant transaction and click “View Transaction” for a list of items purchased.

TIP: You can also search by receipt ID or by location, to find the transaction more quickly.

Customer Scoring

Having access to various customer metrics is a great way to see who is bringing the most value for your business, but combining those metrics into a customizable score can give you those insights at a glance and allow you to compare customer and segment performance more quickly.

The metrics that comprise this performance score are:

  • Purchase Frequency
  • Average Purchase Size
  • Units Per Purchase
  • Email Open Rate
  • Email Subscription Status
  • Rewards Membership Status

Scoring customization allows you to decide which of these metrics is most important to you, what your goals for those metrics should be, and how much those metrics will be weighted in calculating the final score.

To change the goals and calculation weights, navigate to Customers -> Settings -> Settings. You’ll find defaults already entered, but you can change them to match your expectations and priorities.

For example, your goal might be for customers to buy at least 3 items, on average, during each visit. Change the Units Per Purchase to 3, and assign a percentage for the weighting that reflects this metric’s importance to the score.

For email subscription and rewards membership fields, your weighting will simply determine how much value to assign to whether they’re subscribed to your emails or not, and a rewards member or not, respectively.

All of your metrics’ weights should add up to exactly 100%.