Customer Search

Find key information about your customers by utilizing our search functions.

Want to find all your customers with Wish Lists, or view orders a specific customer has placed? You can do that and more using the utility under Customers > List.

Search for Customers

  • Use the search bar to find specific customer(s).
  • You may display Registered customers, Guest customers, or All by selecting that group above the search bar.
  • Use filters to refine by:
    • Date Range
    • Wishlist
    • Email
    • States/Provinces
    • Country

    View Customer Records

  • Click a customer to select their record. From there you can
    • View an active wishlist if one exists (the box icon will be blue)
    • Opt the customer in/out of email
    • View their billing and shipping addresses
    • View their order history
    • Delete the customer using the trash icon

Learn how to download a mailing list here.


If a user has an account, but uses the Guest Checkout, their orders do not all end up under their main customer account.