Customers Settings

Adjust the settings for the email and rewards functionality.


View the overall email send logs.

  • In the Dashboard, go to: Customers > Settings.
  • An overall list of the emails sent will display.
  • Click on the "Log Title" to view the actual send details for that specific email.
  • Click on the Campaign or Email link to view the actual campaign or email for that email that was sent.


View the customers that are unsubscribed from emails.

  • In the Dashboard, go to: Customers > Settings > Unsubscribes.
  • A list of customers who have unsubscribed are listed along with the reason and date they unsubscribed.
  • Information populates directly from the Point of Sale (POS).
  • In Lightspeed, customers are unsubscribed by default, see the following Help Center article for more information: Ensure Customers are Subscribed to Your Emails in Lightspeed.
  • The "+ Unsubscribe new email address" button can be used to manual unsubscribe a customer in Retail Toolkit.
  • The "Download CSV" button can be used to download the unsubscribe list.
  • The "Upload CSV" button can be used to upload an unsubscribe list.  The CSV file should be a single column containing the email address and no header.
  • The unsubscribe information is mainly populated from the customer record in the Point of Sale system so keeping customer records up to date and accurate in the Point of Sale is very important.


A MailChimp account can be connected to pull in unsubscribe email addresses from the connected MailChimp account.

  • In the Dashboard, go to: Customers > Settings > MailChimp.


  • Using the "Click here to authorize RTK to access MailChimp" button can be used to connect the MailChimp account to Retail Toolkit.
  • Once connected the authorization can be refreshed in this same area.

Configure Sync

  • Once the MailChimp account is connected, selecting the box for "Enable Loading Unsubscribes from Mailchimp" will allow the unsubscribes to populate in Loyalty from the MailChimp account.
  • Unsubscribes from individual lists that are setup in the MailChimp account can also be done by selecting the box for the appropriate list(s).


Adjust the weights of the individual metrics that makeup the score within the Customer Profile.

  • In the Dashboard, go to: Customers > Settings > Settings.
  • The weight boxes of each individual metric can be adjusted to change how that metric affects the overall Customer Profile score.
  • The individual weight boxes need to all add up to 100.
  • The Target boxes are essentially goals for each metric.
    • For example, if there is a goal for customers to buy at least 3 items, on average, during each visit. Change the Target box under Units Per Purchase to 3.
  • If a change is made, press the "Save" button before moving on.

Mail Groups

Adjust the labels for how your emails are grouped as well as the groups people see that they can opt out of.

  • In the Dashboard, go to: Customers > Settings > Mail Groups.
  • Adjust the Name(s) and/or Description(s) as needed.
  • Press the "+ Add Row" button to add a new row.
  • Press the trashcan button on the right hand side to delete a row.
  • Some rows cannot be edited or deleted and they are required to be there and/or remain unchanged.
  • If a change is made, press the "Save" button before moving on.