Discounts and Promotions

Expertly add discounts on your site to help move products and take advantage of holidays efficiently.

Start by navigating to Commerce > Discounts.

  • Click Add Method to get started.
    • Give the method a memorable name based on what it's for.
    • Create a short memorable code for customers to use (ex. "10OFFBIKES").
    • Choose who can use the code:
      • All customers
      • Only new customers
    • Add start and end dates for the code, if desired.
    • Save Changes.
  • Click Add New Rule to narrow down what is included in the discount.
    • To create a general discount, it's recommended to have something like the following setup:
    • Click All Brands | All Categories to narrow the discount to specific brands and/or categories.
      • For example, you can opt to have the discount apply to only mountain bikes or only Salsa products.
      • Choose the discount value. Ex: 10 percent or 10 dollars
      • Choose when the discount expires. Useful for one-time-use only codes.
  • Click Save New Rule