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DNS Settings (GoDaddy)

Point your website's domain name to your SmartEtailing site. Let us take care of it or scroll down for DIY info.

Let Us Take Care of It - Delegate Access

Log in at GoDaddy and click the Account Settings tab.

  • Click the Delegate Access link.
  • Click the + Invite to Access button.
  • Enter the Name DNS Manager and Email address dns@smartetailing.com .
  • Select Products & Domains.
  • Click Invite.

      Do It Yourself 

      Please log in to GoDaddy, and change the records for your primary domain:

      • A record @ points to
      • CNAME record www points to frontend-lb.smartetailing.net

      Additional Steps- Primary/Main Domain Name:

      • On the Home screen, find your main domain and click the DNS button.
      • Locate the A record for @ and click the pencil icon.
      • Change the IP address to
        • Edit the TTL value to 600.
        • This shortens the time required for the changes to propagate.
      • Edit the CNAME record for www to point to frontend-lb.smartetailing.net
        • Edit the TTL value to 600.

        Additional Steps- Secondary/Other Domain Names:

        When you have more than one domain name for your website you want to have all names forward to your primary domain.

        • Go to Domains > Click on DNS for the secondary domain(s) you want to forward.
        • Scroll down to the bottom of the DNS Management page to find Forwarding. Click Add. 
        • gddomainforward2ndIn the Forward To drop-down, select https:// and add your primary domain name (no need for the www.).
        • Leave the defaults for Forward Type and Settings as shown.
        • Don’t be concerned with the “We will update name servers message”, you are already on GoDaddy Name Servers.
        • Click Save.
        • Repeat for each secondary domain.
        • It can take up to 72 for the changes to propagate.