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DNS Settings (Network Solutions)

Point your website's domain name to your SmartEtailing site. Let us take care of it or scroll down for DIY info.

Let Us Take Care of It - Add Your Domain

  • Click the Accounts and Contacts button.
  • Click the Edit Account Contacts button.
  • Select Add new Account Administrative or Technical Contact
  • Select the NIC Handle option and enter SmartEtailing's NIC Handle DA20276-OR. 

  • Click Continue.

  • Select Account Technical Contact. Click Go.

Do It Yourself DNS

Please log in at your registrar, Network Solutions and change the A record and CNAME record as follows: 

  - A record @ points to
  - CNAME record www points to frontend-lb.smartetailing.net

Additional Steps:

  • Log in at the registrar.
  • Navigate to Account Manager > My Products & Services > My Domain Names > Edit DNS.
  • Select the appropriate domain(s) from the list and click Edit DNS.
  • Click Manage Advanced DNS Records lower down on the page.
  • Edit A Records to as shown below.
  • If there is a numeric IP address for the www host, remove it and leave the field blank.
  • Recommended: Edit the TTL value to read 3600. This will shorten the time required for the changes to propagate on the Internet.netsol_5
  • Note: you will have to wait for the A records to propagate before you can edit the CNAME record. This can take up to 30 minutes.
  • Edit (Add) CNAME Records for www to frontend-lb.smartetailing.net as shown below. 
  • DNS changes can take time to propagate across the Internet. It can be monitored here:
    Check A Record Propagation | Check CNAME Record Propagation
  • If the site stops displaying or the following screen appears, please contact SmartEtailing Support at 303-527-0676 x1 for further assistance.