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Email Administration

Reset passwords, add and delete inboxes, and more

If you're able, we highly recommend moving to a more robust email platform such a Gmail.

Site Manager

You can reset the password for your AdminMail account through your Site Manager. 

  • Go to Accounts > Email Administration.
  • Enter a new password and hit save changes.
  • Note: if you've been locked out of your AdminMail, you need to wait 20 minutes before trying to log in with the new password. Each failed attempt resets the 20 minute timer, so be sure to wait a full 20 minutes before you attempt to log in!


Go to Adminmail.smartetailing.com to add and delete inboxes, reset user passwords, and adjust other settings.

  • Click the Add Mailbox button after logging in to create a new inbox.
  • Click on Mailboxes and select an individual user to reset their password.
  • Create and add users to groups under the Group Lists tab.
  • Create Aliases and add users to those under the Aliases tab.
  • Control spam settings for each individual inbox under the Spam tab.
  • Adjust overall inbox settings for all users under the Webmail tab.
For additional help on how to use the RackSpace interface, login and read their help pages here: https://emailhelp.rackspace.com/