Exchanging Items On Orders

When your customer changes their mind, here's how you exchange items on an order.

Start by navigating to Orders > Order Search.

  • Adjust the dates, and search by last name for the order.
  • Click the green pencil to edit the order.
  • Scroll down to Order Contents, and look for the button that reads "Add Item to Order."

Items you have in stock

Here's a short video on this process.

  • Click the magnifying glass in the pop up and search for the item using Brand and Keyword search.
  • Once the product appears in the search, scroll all the way to the right and copy the number in the column labeled Item ID.
  • Enter this ID into the Item ID box in the original pop-up, and click Add Item.
  • Select the appropriate variant options, and quantity, and click Add Item one final time.
  • Click the red circular arrow on the item that is no longer being fulfilled to "return" it to stock.
    • If there is a balance due, either call the customer to collect the additional funds over the phone, or refund them.

Items a supplier has in stock

Here's a short video on this process

  • Navigate to Catalog > Library Items.
  • Search for the item, and check the box for Import/Update, and click the button at the bottom of the page to Import the item.
  • Go back to the order, click "Add Item to Order."
  • Follow steps for items you have in stock.