Financing with Klarna

Offer customers a financing option during their shopping journey to improve conversion rates.

What is Klarna?

Klarna is a payment processor that allows your customers to pay off their purchases over time.

  • Your customers may be presented with the opportunity to "Pay over [X] Months" or "Pay in [X] Payments" - the options are dependent on each retailer's individual contract with Klarna.
  • Customers will be able to sign-up for Klarna and apply for financing options during checkout without disrupting their purchase. 

The full amount of the transaction is issued to the retailer's Klarna account at the time the transaction is completed.

Where do I sign up for a Klarna account in my SmartEtailing Site Manager?

  • Log into your Site Manager and navigate to Settings > Payment Settings > Klarna. You can choose to:
  • Link an existing Klarna account via a Username (UID) and Password that you generate from within your existing Klarna portal. 
    • Use the Connect Account to connect an existing Klarna account.
  • Sign up for a new account.
    • Use the Sign-Up button to create a new account. 

How do I connect an existing Klarna account?

  • Click the Connect Account button shown in the screenshot above to be presented with the fields to enter a Username (UID) and Password.

Klarna Username and Password

  • Next, log into your existing Klarna portal (, click on Settings > Klarna API Credentials.
  • Click the Generate New API Credentials button even if you already have existing credentials created for another integration (e.g., Ascend).
  • Click Create Credentials.
  • Copy the credentials in the pop-up and paste them into your SmartEtailing Site Manager (as shown above), making sure there are no spaces present at the end of either credential.

Note: It is best practice to utilize different API credentials for each integration you have with Klarna. Please generate a new set of credentials for your SmartEtailing account, even if you have existing credentials in your Portal. For assistance generating new API credentials, contact Klarna.

Is Klarna available to Canadian retailers?

  • Yes. 

What are the processing fees charged on Klarna transactions? 

  • Processing fees on transactions are dependent on each individual retailer's contract with Klarna. You will be offered a flat rate by Klarna upon sign-up. 

Can I set a dollar threshold for items that are Klarna-eligible on my site? For example, can I limit the availability of Klarna to high-dollar items only?

  • Yes, this can be controlled by the retailer within their Klarna portal. Additionally, in some cases, Klarna puts limitations on the dollar amount where a Klarna payment is eligible. 

How often will I receive settlements from Klarna?

What can I expect in the case of fraudulent transactions and/or chargebacks?

  • You can view Klarna's Merchant Protection Program by going here and clicking the link to the Merchant Protection Program PDF. Terms and conditions surrounding fraudulent transactions and/or chargebacks are governed by Klarna exclusively. 

Who can I ask for help with Klarna-related questions?

How do I promote the fact that consumers can use Klarna on my website?