Creating Form Pages

Add pages that allow you to easily gather information from site visitors.

Form pages allow you to easily gather information and engage your site visitors, whether it's general inquiries about your shop, or information for bike fit appointments.

Creating the Page

  • Go to Content > Page Editor > Add Page > Form Page.
  • Give the form a name, choose the folder it will live inside in the Page Editor.
  • Choose how to handle responses, whether or not to save them to an online, downloadable file, and whether or not to have the form responses emailed to you upon form completion.
    • We recommend that you ALWAYS select the option to save the form responses to a downloadable database, in case an emailed form is accidentally deleted.
    • Form responses saved will be visible from this page in Site Manager.
  • Choose how the confirmation of completion is handled.
    • Display a success message on the page, and edit what that message says.
    • Redirect the user to another internal page if there are other actions you would like them to take.
  • Save Changes

Adding Questions and Sections

Be considerate of your visitors time and try to keep your forms as short as possible. Distill what information you need to the absolutely relevant before making your questions.

  • Adding a Section provides a visual break on the page, separating Customer Information from Bikes to Rent, for example.
  • Click Add New Question to begin creating your form.
  • Choose the type of question you would like it to be.
  • Write the question in the most straightforward way possible.
  • Provide any instructions for the question, if necessary. These will appear below the answer.
  • Choose whether the question is required or not.
  • Save Changes.
Do not ask for sensitive information such as credit card or gift card numbers in a form, or any unnecessary personal information.
You cannot add a section to form pages that will allow users to upload a file, like a resume or CV to a job application, or a photo to a warranty form.