Grow Your Online Business

Modern retail involves reducing friction for shoppers. Follow these simple steps to improve your customer experience and convert more website visitors into sales.

Site Display

Maximize the most important page on your website to convert visits into sales.

  1. Merchandise your site and update your home page content regularly.
  2. Highlight sales, promotions, seasonal products, new releases, and link to your catalog.
  3. Clearly advertise your shipping policy on your homepage and footer.
  4. Simplify your site's navigation with a focus on Shop and Services.

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    Grow your business by reaching new and existing customers.

    1. Send at least two marketing emails per month.
    2. Maintain your Google My Business and Google Shopping listings.
    3. Advertise on social media platforms (Instagram+Facebook).
    4. Include links to highlighted products and services on posts to social media.

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    Adjust your site settings to improve customer experience.

    1. Enable POS Sync and Supplier Sync.
    2. Give consumers the option to commit from home by enabling your cart.
    3. If you're not ready to ship products, set your pickup to in-store only. In-store pickup (Click + Collect) is a strong draw to modern consumers.
    4. Review your shipping settings to help drive sales.

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    Manage orders to streamline the e-commerce experience. 

    1. Use order management best practices.
    2. Check stock at alternate locations (for multi-location retailers).
    3. Review your orders.
    4. Communicate with your customers when their order is ready.

    Click + Collect

    Today's shoppers value the speed and convenience of in-store pickup.

    1. Display Click + Collect signs throughout your store.
    2. Promote Click + Collect in email and social media posts.
    3. Create a designated area in each store for a consistent Click + Collect pickup process.
    4. Establish a Click + Collect security procedure (check ID at pickup).
    5. Train staff to suggestion sell during Click + Collect order pickup.