How to Setup a Gift Card

Import or create a gift card to display on your site.

Importing Gift Cards from the Library

You can manually add a gift card to your site if you're on the Professional website package.

  • Go to Catalog > Library Items.
  • Search for "gift card."
  • Click the preview icon and make sure it matches what you're trying to display.
  • Check the box in the Import/Update column and click the Import/Update Items button at the bottom of the page to put the items on your site.

    If on the local package, contact us, we will add a gift card for you. 

      Fill In Item Details In Key Tabs

      • General Tab - A good item description is usually 50 - 100 words long.
        • You can add to what is already filled in here.
      • Prices/Stock Tab - Set a MPN (copy that MPN into your POS so they map) and BOH at the bottom of the screen.
      • Fulfillment/Shipping - Check the box to enable shopping cart.
        • Check the boxes to enable Pickup and Ship.
      • Images - Ideally, your original image should be 2000 pixels wide or tall for the best zoom, however, images only 700px wide or tall can be used too. Original images will auto-generate the smaller main, thumbnail, and micro-images.

      Preview & Publish

      • Once you're done saving your changes, use the preview link at the top of the page to see how it will display on the site.
      • When ready, check the "Display item in catalog" checkbox and Save Changes. 

      Creating a Gift Card From Scratch

      • In the Site Manager, go to Catalog > Your Items.
      • Click on the "Add Item" button.
      • Fill out a few key fields on the Add New Item form and click Continue, an item must have a Brand, Model Name and Category.
      • Note: If your shop's brand is not available in the pull-down menu, add that brand in Suppliers/Brands > Brands.
        • Likewise, if you don't see the category you want in the category selector, add it in SE Catalog > Catalog Structure.
      • Complete the steps above for key details