Image and File Admin

Uploading an image or file to your site can easily be accomplished. The Image Admin is where you can find all of the images uploaded to your site and upload new ones. File Admin allows you to find existing files and upload new files.

Image Admin

  • The Image Admin is used to search for images and upload new images to your site.
  • To access the Image Admin, navigate to Settings > Images.
  • There, you're able to refine your Image Search Parameters to find images by location or name or upload new images to reference from within CSS files.
  • You can use this pane to select how many results display, and whether the search results display as a list of file names or as thumbnail images.
  • There are several category options under Image Location:

    • Main Site - Highlights, Pages, Banners… displays every image that has been uploaded in Page Editor.
    • Catalog - Thumbnail displays the thumbnails that are automatically created when you add a full-size image to a catalog item that you have created.
    • Catalog - Full-Size displays main images from catalog items that you have created in Your Items.
    • Catalog - Features displays images from the Features tab for all user-created items.
    • Template - CSS Designs displays images uploaded for reference from a CSS file.
  • You can also search for images by name using the Image Name Search field.

    • Search results can be sorted in ascending or descending order alphabetically by name, by size, and by date modified by clicking on the blue column headings:

File Path

  • To add a previously-uploaded image to a page, you can add the image's file path in Page Editor.
  • In the Image Admin Image Search Results page, you will see a template URL, as pictured below. You can extrapolate the file path for the image by replacing { Image Name } in this URL with the specific Image Name from the search results:

Upload Images

  • Use the Upload Images button to add images to your site for reference from Page Editor or from within CSS files.
  • Navigate to the Upload Image page by selecting Upload Images.
  • You can use this page to upload up to 10 images at a time.
  • Selecting Image Location is required for each upload, to the same image locations that are described above.
  • The maximum file size for an individual image is 500 KB.

File Admin

  • File Admin is used to search for files and upload new files to your site.
  • To access the File Admin, navigate to Settings > Files.
  • Use this tool to search for files by name and view their file path.
  •  Use the Upload Files button to upload new files in formats such as .txt and .pdf. The tool lets you upload as many as five files at a time. The maximum file size is displayed at the top of the page.