Import Categories from Point of Sale

On-demand syncing of your point-of-sale category tree in RTK

While product data will automatically sync with your point of sale overnight, changes to your category structure won't. Follow these steps if you've recently made changes to your category tree so sales and inventory reporting tools display the new structure correctly.

The new categories and subcategories may be color-coded to signify the following:

  • Excluded from inventory reports: Check the box under a category to exclude it from open-to-buy reports. This can be used to reduce the visual noise of an inventory report by hiding labor or service plan categories that don't contain physical stock.
  • Deleted in Data Source: Once the new category tree is synced from point of sale, this will designate any category that is now missing from point of sale.
  • Excluded from inventory reports and deleted in data source: Category is missing in point of sale and hidden on the open-to-buy report.

To see the category changes in your Open-to-Buy Report: