Traffic Hardware

Measure sales conversions and provide accurate visitor counts with a door counter.

In addition to measuring sales conversions, Traffic provides accurate visitor counts that can help inform when to schedule floor staff and includes climate data to give you an idea of how the weather may have impacted foot traffic on a given day.

The traffic hardware measures each visitor on exit, not entry, because that event is closer to the transaction happening at the register.

The power of the traffic counter and software comes from looking at the change in numbers over time, more than the numbers themselves since there will always be variables we can't control, like test rides and employees.

These changes can reveal trends in traffic that are valuable when measuring the success of an ad campaign, for example, and the changes in conversion rate over time can reveal if a higher or lower percentage of visitors are buying.

Install Your Hardware

The traffic hardware is comprised of two units: a wireless sensor mounted above each store entry, and a powered base station that communicates your traffic statistics via a secure cellular network.

  • Find the base station and plug it into an outlet near the doorways that will be tracking foot traffic.
  • Peel and stick the mounting plate to the center of the doorway and place the sensor onto the mounting plate.


Once your hardware is installed, visit and follow the instructions to complete the activation.