Setting Up RTK Staff & Payroll

Follow these steps to set up Retail Toolkit's employee scheduling and payroll tools

Staffing features our intuitive schedule builder that leverages transaction and traffic data to prevent overspending on labor and audits each locations’ shifts and payroll for budget tracking. This tool also detects time clock errors and distributes schedules to your employees via email.

Setting Up Staff Budget Parameters

Staffing budget parameters should be set up to dictate how your budget is imported into RTK, either monthly or by pay period, and how the budget relates to Sales.

First, navigate to the Staffing & Payroll Settings page, click the Budget tab, and click the "Unlock Parameters" button.

You will need to "Unlock Parameter" to be able to make changes.

Next, select how you what to import your payroll budget, either by Pay Period or Monthly.

Finally, the Payroll Goal Basis can be calculated based on a percentage of your Sales goal, last year's sales, or the 3-year average of sales.

Once done, click "Save".

Note: Linear Budget Distribution is recommended for those locations that have less than 1 year of sales history.

Set Pay Period Dates and Frequency

To begin using the Staff & Payroll tool, you'll first need to add the Payroll Start Date and Frequency.

Note: Once this date is set, you may not be able to change it without losing access to existing schedules.

First, visit the Staff & Payroll Settings page.

Click the button to "Unlock Parameter".

Add the next payroll cycle's start date, and choose the payroll period. (If none of these parameters match your schedule, select the closest one.)

  • Biweekly (every other Friday, for example)
  • Monthly (every calendar month)
  • Semi-monthly (twice per calendar month, on the 1st and 15th)

When finished, click Save.

Adding and Editing Employee Information

Note: All employees are imported from the point-of-sale system. Be sure they've been added there before importing to RTK.

First, navigate to the Employees page and click Import Employees if starting from scratch, or Refresh Employees from Data Source if adding new employees to your existing list. Make sure the location, or Whole Store, contains the relevant employee records.

To make changes to an employee's information, click their name to enter the edit page, and add or edit their first and last name, their active/inactive status, and their compensation, including any possible commission schemes that apply.

You may also include custom field values for employees, such as title or department.

On this page, you can also merge duplicate employees in RTK, should the need arise.

Note: To create custom fields, visit the Employee tab on the Staff & Payroll Settings page.