Inventory: Mix and Min/Max Scores

Get insight into the health of your inventory at a glance with our customizable scoring system.

Located at the top-left of the Open-to-Buy report page, the Inventory tool's scoring feature can give you quick insight into your quantities on hand compared to their respective open-to-buy ranges, with each score representing different levels of focus within your category tree.

Mix Score

This score represents how over- or under-bought you are in child categories, the lower level detail within your category structure. At the micro level, subcategories being particularly far above or below of the recommended ranges will result in a lower Mix Score. This score can be helpful for someone in a buying role as they decide which products to purchase for the store.

Min/Max Score

This score represents how over or under-bought you are across higher level, parent categories. At the macro level, top level categories being particularly far outside the recommended ranges will result in a lower Min/Max Score. This score can be useful for a store owner or manager to see that, in general, inventory is performing as expected.

Analyze the Scores Together

These scores do not necessarily move in relationship with one another. If a large percentage of your inventory is within range, both scores will be higher, and conversely, if a large percentage are outside of the range, both will be lower.

However, there are scenarios where they might diverge.

For example, your Accessories child categories might be far outside of their respective ranges, but when summed together the parent category, Accessories, may still be between its OTB minimum and maximum. This would result in a higher Min/Max Score, but a lower Mix Score.

Alternatively, most Accessories child categories could be in range, with one very far outside if it, impacting the parent category's status. Because the child categories are generally performing well, with one negatively impacting the parent, Accessories, the Min/Max Score would be lower, but the Mix Score would be higher.

Scoring Parameters

You can customize the settings for the scoring feature at Inventory -> OTB Settings -> Scoring. (You may need to click "Show Advanced Parameters".) Learn more about these settings in our article Open-to-Buy Settings: Advanced Tabs.