Importing Products into Your Items

Keep your online catalog up-to-date

Link Your Website to Your POS

POS Sync automates several catalog management and maintenance routines.

  • Items that are both in your catalog and POS database will automatically populate on your website if they have a matching UPC/GTIN.
    • Our system can: adjust prices, sale prices, sale start/end dates, inventory, as well as import and remove library items from your catalog based on your POS inventory/re-order status, with little to no additional input from you.
      • This is dependent on having the correct settings in your Site Manager, contact us if you need help getting these settings correct.

How Supplier Sync Affects Your Items

Supplier Sync impacts your site differently based on which website subscription level you have.

  • For Professional website subscribers, all items/variations that are in stock at the supplier and available in our library will appear in your catalog with an availability label of "In Warehouse."
  • For Local website subscribers, Supplier Sync partner inventory will only fill in variations of items you already have in stock.
    • It does not add any product to your site that is physically not in your store already.
    • The "In Warehouse" label will appear for variations of an item in stock at the supplier which do not show balance on hand in your POS.
  • Items imported and on display in your site will have an Availability Label of "Call for Availability" if Stock Status Management is not active or "In Stock" if it is.

Do not import items if you just want to edit the price. To edit the price of Supplier Sync items you use Supplier Sync > Custom Prices.

Basic Subscription Level 

  • SmartEtailing clients at the Basic subscription level will have to manually import catalog items they want to display
    • Go to Catalog > Library Items to begin your search.
    • To add products to Your Items click the corresponding checkboxes in the Import/Update column and select Import/Update Items at the bottom of that page.
    • Once products are in Your Items, you can modify a number of details for each item. 

This is a manual process of choosing which items you want showing on your site, and requires a significant maintenance commitment.

Importing Products from the Library

You can manually add items to your site if you're on the Professional website package. We do not recommend doing this.

  • Go to Catalog > Library Items.
  • Search for the item or brand using the refinement fields available.
  • Click the preview icon and make sure it matches what you're trying to display.
  • Check the box in the Import/Update column and click the Import/Update Items button at the bottom of the page to put the items on your site.