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Lightspeed Order Export

Send orders from your SmartEtailing website to your Lightspeed Retail POS system

Orders will be exported to Lightspeed as "completed sales," Orders can only be exported from your website to Lightspeed Retail once. 

Export an order

  • In the site manager go to:  Orders > Open Orders and press the green edit pencil to view the order details.
  • Once the order has been reviewed and payment has been captured, export the order to your Lightspeed by checking the export box in the order status section or on the main order list view when you first click on Open Orders.
  • Exported orders from the site manager appear in Lightspeed within a few minutes.

    • The completed sale can be re-opened in Lightspeed by going to: Reports > Totals > Open the Sale to update the store location, register, attach a different customer, add notes, or update the sale data.
    • To add a serial number to a sold bike add it to the Customer record in Lightspeed.
  • An exported order will decrement inventory in your Lightspeed.
  • Shipping on the order will be added to your Lightspeed as an additional charge
  • The billing address noted on the order in site manager will be imported.
    • Orders paid with PayPal will not contain a billing address.
  • If the customer billing email address exists in your Lightspeed, then that customer will be attached to the order.  If their email address does not exist in your Lightspeed, then that customer will be created in your Lightspeed and attached to the order.
  • When a Supplier Sync item that is not POS Sync'd is in an order and exported, the item will be created in your Lightspeed.
  • Gift cards, and other non-inventory items, will not export to your Lightspeed. A new sale will need to be created in Lightspeed in order to create the gift card purchased on your site. 

Orders must be "balanced" before they can be exported to Lightspeed Retail.

Each order's balance due must be "Paid in Full" prior to export. "Unbalanced" orders will have a message indicating their status in both the Order List and in the Order Details.

Payment Method

  • The payment method comes into Lightspeed with the order, if the payment method does not exist in Lightspeed a new payment type will be created. 
    • If the payment for the order was made with SmartEtailing Payments, that will be passed into Lightspeed and will attach to your existing Stripe payment method in Lightspeed.
    • If you already have an existing Stripe account with another provider and that exists as a payment method within your Lightspeed, you will want to update the name of it to separate it from the website orders.
    • This is true for any payment method you may have in Lightspeed that could be duplicated with an online payment type.


If a refund is needed and the order has been exported, process the refund in BOTH the website and Lightspeed.

Site Manager Order Status

  • Order statuses in the Site Manager can be changed after the order has been exported. This will not affect your Lightspeed transaction.