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Lightspeed Retail POS Integration (Legacy)

This version is no longer supported.

Visit this page for information on our current lightspeed integration.

Lightspeed allows for one additional upload throughout the day, we recommend taking advantage of this ability in the middle of the day each day.

Set Up

Inventory Upload

  • In Lightspeed, go to Settings, and scroll to the bottom of the page to Advanced Setup > Integrations
  • Select "SmartEtailing Items Upload"
  • Enter posftp.smartetailing.com into the address field, as well as the username and password provided in the email POS FTP email
  • Check the boxes to Enable, and Automatically Upload Items Nightly
  • Click save in the upper left corner of the screen

Our system reads the Default Price in Lightspeed for pricing on your website.

Order Export

Once your site is live, you'll want to setup Order Export
  • From the same Integrations page, select "SmartEtailing Sales Download"
  • Copy the first URL from Site Manager > Orders > Export Settings and paste that into Lightspeed URL section
  • Click the box to Enable, and Automatically Download Orders Every 15 Minutes
  • Click save in the upper left corner of the screen

Exported orders will appears as Quotes. You will have to convert them to sales.


If you want items to sync you need to have the following:

  • Default Cost
  • MSRP
  • UPC or EAN 
  • Manu SKU

MPNs and UPCs

  • When creating items, add a UPC/GTIN to the UPC field in Lightspeed
  • If a UPC isn't available, add the MPN to the Manufact. SKU field in Lightspeed
  • UPC in Lightspeed - GTIN1 on SmartEtailing
    EAN in Lightspeed - GTIN2 on SmartEtailing
    Man. SKU in Lightspeed - MPN on SmartEtailing

Putting Items on Sale

  • Because your POS and website items are linked, for items to appear "on sale" on your website, they must have a price rule in Lightspeed. For more information, see Lightspeed's helpful guide.

Manually Uploading an Inventory File

  • Within Lightspeed, go to Settings > Advanced Setup > Integrations > SmartEtailing Items Upload
  • Click the button "Upload Item Data from Lightspeed Retail to Smart-Etailing"
  • If this button is greyed out/unclickable, contact Lightspeed directly.