Locating and Correcting Unsecured Content

Make sure all linked content, images, and iframes are securely displayed on your site.

To find any unsecured content on your site, start by going to Reports > Mixed Content.

If your site is newer than Jan 1, 2018, you are unlikely to have issues with mixed content.

  • This report shows elements on your site that references http: instead of https:.
    • Start by going to Content > Page Editor and deleting pages that are inactive, or are not linked from your home page and navigation.
    • Check to see what Footer and Banner you have active in Display > Site Settings.
      • You are unlikely to have any active banners, and can delete all of them confidently in Display > Banner Editor.
    • Next, go to Display > Footer Editor.
      • Delete any footers that are not your active one from Site Settings.

Ignore issues stemming from Highlights, as those are no longer accessible on your site.

  • After you've purged these items, the report should be much more manageable, and help you direct your efforts to pieces of your site that are consumer facing.
  • Filter the columns Active and Active in Navigator to Active to see what elements are left on your site.

The report doesn't identify the specific elements, so you will have check image URLs, link URLs, and any iframes on the page for the missing secure URL.

  • Any items that are still Advanced pages, you should convert those to Responsive in Content > Page Editor.