Store Location

Optimize your location information to make it easy for customers to find and contact your business.

Properly setting up the information on this page helps to increase your SEO score for local searches, as well as direct customers to your physical store.

  • Set up each location from Display > Store Information > Store Location and click "Add Location" or the green pencil to edit an existing location.


  • Fill in your Doing Business As, or DBA, even if it isn't different from the name listed in Store Information.
  • This DBA appears on the responsive location page for each specific location.

Store Neighborhood Descriptor

  • List the name of the neighborhood you're located in.
    • This is important for local search results.
    • You can use the name of your town, or shopping center as well if more applicable.


  • Select whether or not to display a particular location on your Store Locator page.
    • The Store Locator and Contact Us pages are slightly different.
      • if you only have a single location you should default to the Contact Us responsive page.
      • If you have multiple locations, you should default to the Store Locator page, but make sure that each location has a Contact Us page properly filled out.
  • Choose whether to mark the map based on address or GPS coordinates.
    • GPS comes in handy if the mapping software doesn't correctly pin your store on the map.
    • You can find the GPS coordinates in the URL in Google Maps for your store.

Buy Local Now

  • Check this box to be included in Buy Local Now results on partner websites, as well as
    • You may want to uncheck this box if you have a warehouse location that isn't physically shoppable by consumers.

In-Store Pickup

  • Toggle whether or not to allow In-Store Pickup at that location.
    • Add a Sales Tax Override if your local taxes are different than state-level taxes.
    • For more information on taxes, read Setting Taxes Rates in the US & Canada.


  • Fill in your address accurately to ensure customers can find you easily.
    • Add a shop phone number to be easily reachable.

Location Inquiries Email / Form

  • Add an email address that is frequently checked for the shop so customers can email you with any questions.
    • An address like or sales@ is usually best.
  • If you would prefer to have the customer fill out of a form instead of emailing you directly, you can select a form for them to use to gather more information.

Landing Page

  • Change which page is linked to from the Store Locator page.
    • By default this is the responsive location page for each location.