Microsoft 365 Email Migration

Easily transfer email from your SmartEtailing webmail to new Microsoft 365 email inboxes.

Microsoft offers leading business applications and email in convenient bundles that varies to fit your business needs. These have varying levels of desktop applications included, as well as various cloud applications.

Microsoft 365 Pricing

Service Cost (annual commitments) Features
Business Basic $5 per user/month Access to Cloud applications only
Business Standard $12.50 per user/month Full desktop applications + Cloud applications
Business Premium $20 per user/month Standard + Increased security and management tools

How to Setup Microsoft 365 for your business

  1. Choose your level of Microsoft 365 Business.
  2. Download and install Microsoft 365 applications.
  3. Activate Office so you can use these apps on all your devices.
  4. Sign in to Outlook.
    1. Export Contacts from your Rackspace email account by clicking the Contacts tab in Webmail, then selecting Outlook 2003/2007, and clicking Export. 
    2. Export important emails by selecting the check box next to them, then clicking More, and clicking Export to Zip.
    3. Import your Contacts and Emails into Outlook.
  5. Create critical personnel accounts to mirror existing personnel accounts.
      1. Consider using aliases for accounts like sales@, orders@, or service@ instead of making it a dedicated inbox.
  6. Let us know when you're ready to make the switch, and we can change the MX records so your email begins to flow to your new account.
    1. You should not see an interruption in your email service. Any emails that come in during the time of the switch will get properly routed as soon as the changes are done on our end.
  7. Log in to and setup message forwarding to your new email client.