Open-to-Buy Settings: Advanced Tabs

These advanced parameters allow retailers to further customize how the Inventory calculates and scores product performance.

The Scoring, Min/Max Adjustments, and Targeting tabs are hidden until the "Show Advanced Parameters" button is clicked.

Caution: Advanced parameters are only for experienced users and are not always fully documented. If you are unsure of a parameter's functionality, please contact support before making changes.


The editable parameters below allow you to customize the Inventory health scoring in the dashboard.

  • Min/Max Multiplier: Default is 100.
  • Target Multiplier: Default is 100.
  • Include Subcategory Scores For Category Max Score: Default is No.
  • Include Subcategory Scores for Category Target Score: Default is Yes.
  • Cap on % over/under min/max: Default is 300%.
  • Default Score when Division by Zero: Default is 50.
  • Target Score: Raw Weighting: Default is 50%.
  • Target Score: Weighted Sum Weighting: Default is 50%.
  • Min/Max Score: Raw Weighting: Default is 80%.
  • Min/Max Score: Weighted Sum Weighting: Default is 20%.

Min/Max Adjustments

  • Adjust Min/Max by Trend: Determines if the trend is included in the min/max range calculations. Default is No.
  • How much of 365 day Trend should be used: If the above is Yes, this sets the weighting the the trend in the calculations. Default is 50%.
  • Cap on trending affecting MIN/MAX: Set a limit for how much the trend can impact the min/max calculations. Default is 300%.
  • Adjust Min/Max by Profitability: Allows the OTB tool to set ranges to maximize GMROI/profitability. Default is Yes.
  • Basis for profitability adjustment: Sets profitability comparison between sales and profit % change in dollars, or between category and department markdowns. Default is Category sales $% vs profit $%.
  • Basis for category MAX adjustment: Sets maximum profitability adjustment based on category itself or on its parent category. Default is Based on own adjustment.
  • Curve For Multiplier: Allows user to edit the shape of the multiplier curve.


  • Acceptable Deviation +/- Target: Default is 10%.
  • Targeting Percent per Category per Month: Allows for customized targeting for each category for each month, to account for seasonal shifts in demand.