Open-to-Buy Settings: General Tab

A guide to the parameters under General in the Inventory tool's OTB Settings

To view or change these settings, navigate to Inventory -> Settings -> OTB Settings, and click the "General" tab.

SKU History Length

The number of days of history to retain for SKUs in a particular category.
An SKU's history can continue to inform the tool's forecasting and purchasing recommendations, even if the SKU is no longer carried. This allows similar products to benefit from the old SKU's transaction and inventory history.

Weeks Before Purging

The number of weeks the system will keep all OTB reports before they are purged from the system. The most recent week's reports will not be purged.

Advanced Parameters

Caution: Advanced parameters are only for experienced users and are not always fully documented. If you are unsure of a parameter's functionality, please contact support before making changes.

Preseason Template

The Preseason Template allows retailers to generate OTB reports with their own settings without impacting the settings of the daily reports. This is most useful during the traditional buying season but can be used at any time.

Turn Rates (R1, R3, R12)

This setting reflects a retailer's time on the platform and allows turn rates to be automatically calculated when determining the min/max range. Stores begin on R1 or one month's worth of turn rate data. 

At R12, when the platform has one year's worth of turn rate data, the OTB tool is considered fully matured and is delivering optimal forecasts and OTB recommendations based on Gross Margin Return on Investment (GMROI).

This setting can be different for different locations, which is especially useful when opening a new store.

Area of Concern Widget Significance Threshold

When a category is over the OTB Max by this amount, in dollars, the category will be included in the Area of Concern widget on the Inventory dashboard.